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L2Hot Vote! Interlude 0

  • Adicionado em: 2020-08-24 11:22:14
  • Proprietário: Ярослав Уполовников
  • Website:
  • Status:
  • Linguagem: English
  • Geolocalização: Russian Federation
  • Plataforma / Tipo: L2J Normal
Taxas de servidor
  • EXP: 10000
  • SP: 10000
  • DROP: 1
  • ADENA: 10000
  • Cofre de encantar: 30
  • Max encantar: 100
É bom saber
  • Loja GM:
  • Buffer de NPC:
  • GK global:
  • Zona personalizada:
  • Arma personalizada:
  • Armadura de personalizado:
  • Loja off-line:

Custom Interlude PvP Rates x10000
There are 3 levels of armors weapons 2 levels of wings and masks
But at the same time everything is balanced there are no too big stats
The perfect balance between classes
Archers also receive damage from reflection so they will no longer have a big advantage in battles
The Olympiad is completely classic
You are able to increase your character stats with Skill Coins
You start with Sarmor and full Adena
Available free ACPbot for customizing type acpset
You dont lose the buff on character death
Infinite arrows and soulshots
Maximum count of subclasses 5 you can choose any sub
Autowar for clans If your clan make players kills from another clan you declare war on this clan
Flames of Invincibility effect disappears on the attack So it only for clan moves

Enchant and Life stone

Safe enchanting 30 maximum enchanting unlimited
The success rate from 30 to 80 97
The success rate from 80 to 100 85
The success rate after 100 50
There are special Enchant scrolls that will allow you to have safe enchanting after 100
The chance to get skill with Top LS is 30 with High LS 20
You can get Top LS by participating in events or buying with
High LS you can drop from Tyrannosaurus that is located on the beach of Primeval isle respawn time 10 minutes


There are 3 levels of armors available on the server
You can buy lvl 1 armor in GMShop for 100 HOT Coins
To get 2 lvl armor you must complete the quest You can start the quest from NPC GMShop
To get armor level 3 you need to have 2 lvl armor and the required amount of Skill Coins for exchange


There are 3 levels of weapons available on the server
You can buy 1 lvl weapon in GMShop for 100 HOT Coins
To buy 2 lvl weapon you need to have 4999 HOT Coins 199 Skill Coins 35 PvP Coins
To buy 3 lvl weapon you must have 2 lvl weapon and the required number of Skill coins


There are three levels of tattoos available on the server
First level Tattoo mage resistance Tattoo physical resistance price 300 HOT Coins
Second level Tattoo mage resistance Tattoo physical resistance Tattoo Reflection You can buy it with Skill Coins
Third level Donate tattoo Combines all tattoos from level 2 You can buy it for 1999 Coins of Luck
You are not able to enchant tattoos

There are 2 level of wings available on the server
You can get level 1 wings by completing the quest which you can start from the NPC GMShop
To get the second level of wings you must have wings level 1 and the required amount of Skill Coins

There are 2 level of masks available on the server
You can buy masks with Skill Coins

There are 3 different types of Terra shields available on the server
The first increases pDef the second one mDef the third one reflect damage
You can buy shields with Skill Coins

You can get RBjewelry by killing Epic Raid Bosses


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