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L2Mordor Vote! Interlude 0

  • Adicionado em: 2019-12-15 14:23:15
  • Proprietário: l2mordor
  • Website:
  • Status:
  • Linguagem: English
  • Geolocalização: France
  • Plataforma / Tipo: L2OFF Normal
Taxas de servidor
  • EXP: 4
  • SP: 4
  • DROP: 3
  • ADENA: 3
  • Cofre de encantar: 3
  • Max encantar: 16
É bom saber
  • Loja GM:
  • Buffer de NPC:
  • GK global:
  • Zona personalizada:
  • Arma personalizada:
  • Armadura de personalizado:
  • Loja off-line:
We are pleased to invite you to the new Lineage II Interlude Server Rohan x4
With low rates Epic Bosses with a fixed epic respawn time no exp bonus runes and tons more this is guaranteed to bring back all the good memories of the past

Why you should preffer L2Mordor Interlude server
Official L2OFF PTS files without bugs with full support from AdvExt team
International English based community
Instant support and troubleshooting
Instant permanent ban on botters SmartGuard active GMs Team
Donations which do not influnce game life
Epic bosses from 2000 2300 GMT1

Experience XP x4
Skill Points SP x4
Drop Adena x3
Drop Items x3 chance 1x amount
Spoil x3 chance 1x amount
Drop Raidboss x1
Drop GrandBoss x1
Drop Grandboss Jewelry x1
Quest reward XPSP x3
Quest reward adena x2

3 Client limit per PC
Antibot system SmartGuard also antibot policy
Stackable Life stones Enchants BOGs Books Amulets
Cursed swords Akamanah Zariche disabled in first two weeks


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