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l2satanic High Five0

  • Adicionado em: 2019-11-04 23:21:47
  • Proprietário: Polohov_kostya Полохов
  • Website:
  • Status:
  • Linguagem: Russian
  • Geolocalização: France
  • Plataforma / Tipo: L2J MultiSkill
Taxas de servidor
  • EXP: 3
  • SP: 3
  • DROP: 1
  • ADENA: 3
  • Cofre de encantar: 3
  • Max encantar: 18
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  • Loja GM:
  • Buffer de NPC:
  • GK global:
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We are glad to welcome you to our unique project High Five Part 5.
We can safely declare that it is unique, since there were no analogues of this project yet, see a more detailed description below
Our project is based on the system of Rebirth (Zeroing).
This is an opportunity to collect in one character all the available professions that are available in Lineage 2 High Five.
Upon reaching level 80, you have the opportunity to do Rebirth (reset),
reset the Character Level to 1st, but the skills from the profession with which you did will remain on your character.
There is a time penalty between Rebirths (that is, if, upon reaching level 80, you have made Rebirth and again raised the level to 80 in a short period of time, then you will not be able to take another profession right away), this time depends on the number of rebirths on your character, than the more rebirths, the higher the penalty.Therefore, for the player to have something to do between rebirths, we made a decision
enter rebirths in the statistics (+ 1 wit, + 1 dex, + 1 con, + 1 int, + 1 str, + 1 men to choose from), with this rebirth you will also be reset to the 1st level, a penalty for this rebirth there will be, but not a big, restriction on 1 indicator +30 to statistics.
Skills on the server are studied as usual for SP and Items that drop out with a certain chance around the world from every monster you kill. From monsters to level 76, 1 item falls which is necessary for learning skills to level 76, from monsters over 76 another item falls for learning skills 76+.
Skills are learned in 1 click to the maximum skill level corresponding to your level, and will take as many SPs and items as would be necessary to study it if you studied skills at level 1


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