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L2Canyon Interlude2124

  • Adicionado em: 2019-10-26 14:03:03
  • Proprietário: Lineage2 Canyon
  • Website:
  • Status:
  • Linguagem: English
  • Geolocalização: United Kingdom
  • Plataforma / Tipo: L2J Normal
Taxas de servidor
  • EXP: 3
  • SP: 3
  • DROP: 2
  • ADENA: 3
  • Cofre de encantar: 3
  • Max encantar: 16
É bom saber
  • Loja GM:
  • Buffer de NPC:
  • GK global:
  • Zona personalizada:
  • Arma personalizada:
  • Armadura de personalizado:
  • Loja off-line:
Welcome on our game project.

Let's begin with a few words as a preview for the Canyon x3 server:
- Rates are dynamic, which means drop/spoil for monsters higher than 74 level is decreased than lower level monsters.
- The server has a unique newbie guide buffer

- The server has a bunch of unique features that adjust for a better game play experience.
- S-Grade equipment is obtainable only by Raids & Epics. Quests for S-Grade equipment will be available from Friday, 20th of December,
- Academy Helper NPC
- Premium Account is binded to the whole account, although only the first character that purchases it will have the Rune in his inventory. (The Rune is just visual item and doesn't matter)
- Server has proxy system located in:
- Available options for donate are minimal.
- Voiced Commands

➥ Shows a list with all custom commands.


➥ Shows how much time you have left in your Premium Account subscription.


➥ You can activate your Premium Subscription with this command.


➥ Activate our unique Outworld Hunting Mode using this command.


➥ Allows you to set offline store.


➥ Allows you to use our Unique Buff Store system


➥ Checks your vote and rewards you with 'Rune of Loyalty' & 2 Event Glittering Medals.


➥ Opens up the server's droplist manager.


➥ Shows information about where you can level up your soul crystals and chances.


➥ OAllows you to change your account password.


➥ Allows you to change your unique PIN number.


➥ Blocks other players from grief buffing you.


➥ Blocks you from acquiring experience.


➥ Use this command with a level 1 character in the same account of the character you wanna repair if it's stucked


➥ Packs 500kk adena into Gold Bar.


➥ Unpacks Gold Bar into 500kk adena.


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